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Wedding Loans

Need a loan for your dream day?

A wedding, for most people, is a once in a lifetime blissful event. Most people dream of their big day years before the engagement and anticipate a perfect celebration. Following the purchase of a home, it is one of life’s substantial expenditures. However, weddings also prove to be a massive financial headache and bring a lot of stress to the soon-to-be couple. In fact, one in ten couples breaks up over financial worry before they make it down the aisle.

Because of this, there is no surprise that more couples each year are seeking help from lender’s for support. Wedding loans can make the occasion even more special, whether used to pay for luxuries or to finance the entire ceremony.

1 in 10 couples break up over wedding finances

The average wedding in the UK costs between £18,000 to £22,000. That is a large sum of money that the ordinary couple would have trouble paying upfront. You may be curious as to what wedding loans are as they are a fairly ‘’new’’ form of a loan. In the past, the to-be-weds parents usually fronted the expenses of a wedding. Nowadays, more and more people are financially independent and find it increasingly difficult to pay for their dream day.

UK statistics show that most couples can save a small percentage for their big day, but most rely on borrowing. Some couples also may borrow from family members, but this amount is usually not enough to cover all expenses. This makes low-interest person loans a convenient and straightforward method to fund a wedding.

Obtaining a wedding loan allows you to be free from worry and enables you to enjoy planning and the run-up to your big day. Make your day one to remember with BadCreditSite. These are simple loans, straightforward and can be obtained either secured or unsecured.

Principle of Wedding Loans

Securing a wedding loan can be used for any means you see fit to help fund your ideal day. Below is a list of specific purposes a wedding loan can help you today.

  • Wedding dress/Bridesmaid dresses
  • Catering expenses
  • Entertainment/Staff
  • Reception/Venue Hire
  • Flowers
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation/Church/Registry office fee
  • Honeymoon

Secured Wedding Loans

With a secured loan, you can borrow more than with an unsecured loan. A secured loan gives you the option to opt for a guarantor. A guarantor is a representative who signs on your behalf you will repay the amount borrowed.

Wedding Loans Without a Guarantor

Personal loans are unsecured and require no asset used as security against the amount of money you wish to borrow.

Advantages of Wedding Loans

Newlyweds shouldn’t have to worry about debt in their first years of marriage. These are the honeymoon years, and financial strain should not play a role in tainting this. The payments are fixed which means you can budget accordingly, and plan a financial-agreement which works around you.

This means you can spend your first married years knowing you are financially apt to repay the money. Likewise, you choose the term which can be deemed as weekly, monthly, quarterly. The shorter-term selected, the less interest will accumulate in total.

There are no hidden fees or small print you need to worry about. The online application is straight-forward and easy to use on a computer, phone or tablet.

  • Flexible overpay time
  • Wedding loans can be unsecured - no asset used as security
  • Specialist loans available for unemployed, poor credit rating, benefit-reliant individuals

Is It Right For You?

Before you decide to take a wedding loan, discuss with your partner and make sure you both agree to the terms of the loan. Ensure all details regarding the financial agreement are comfortable for you both and your situation.

Taking a loan with us, today safeguards worry about upfront costs. You can add that extra layer on your cake, or buy the perfect wedding dress with our help. Apply today for free with no credit score impact.

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