Apply for a loan without a Guarantor

(Subject to eligibility and affordability)
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No-Guarantor Loans

No guarantor loans refer to loans that are given without someone co-signing on loan as a guarantor. This can be a payday loan, instalment loan, a logbook loan or any other kind of short term personal loan issued without a guarantor offering surety. If you have a low credit score, obtaining a loan without a guarantor can be challenging and expensive as lenders often charge more interest as there is a greater risk to the lender if the loan is unsecured.

Taking out a loan is a personal decision, and it is important to budget well and assure yourself that you can pay back the loan amount over the period stipulated. Lenders may charge higher interest over the period of the loan, so choosing a smaller value or a shorter period to repay the loan can make all the difference to your monthly expenses.

A registered credit provider will do a credit check to assess the risk before issuing a loan and advise you appropriately. Ensure that you are advised of the interest rate, extra charges and monthly repayment rate so that there are no surprises later. Flexibility is important when taking a no-guarantor loan so that you can deal with emergencies and still be able to repay the loan without added interest or penalties.

Often your family and friends are not in a position to sign as guarantor or are not willing to take on an extra risk in precarious financial times. In these circumstances, a no-guarantor loan is a good option to look at. Ensure that you choose a well-established, registered company when applying for credit. Look for a company that offers transparency and no hidden fees, and that has consultants available to discuss any issues or questions you may have.

Most of the loan companies that offer unsecured no-guarantor loans have websites that offer quick and easy application. As there is no third party that needs to sign documents and the process can be done at your convenience without having to consider the availability of someone else, the process is quicker and less complicated. In an emergency situation, sometimes time is of the essence, and this type of loan would be the best option as it requires less hassle and is a faster option. does not charge any fees. If you are contacted by anyone saying they are calling from requesting you make them a payment you should contact the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as we are aware that there is currently a scam using the brand. This has nothing to do with our company.