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Bad Credit Car Loan

What do you do when you need a car loan urgently but your poor credit history won’t let you get one?

This is a question many people with bad credit ask especially when faced with a financial emergency that requires cash that they don’t have.

This is because almost all big lenders will never lend to a person with poor credit history regardless of how long ago the person failed to pay the loan that caused their poor credit history.

Luckily, was created for anyone with poor credit but needs access to a car loan in as little as a day.

We know that everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn’t have to pay for it forever.

BadCreditsite is a licensed loan brokerage website that connects people with lenders who are willing to lend to people without the usual requirements common with the big lenders.

Anyone who is a UK resident, over 18 years old, employed, and has a proper address is eligible to apply regardless of their credit history.

Most lenders allow you to borrow up to £5,000 or any amount they feel comfortable lending you.

Since there are fewer checks and processes, you can get your loan even minutes after application so you can go get that car immediately.

How it works

The process of applying and getting a car loan on BadCreditsite is quick and easy. All you need to do is visit our website and fill in the details of the loan you are interested in.

This involves details like the loan amount and the duration you need to repay the loan which may be up to 36 months.

During the application, you will be required to provide information about your personal details and bank account. Your application is reviewed immediately after which we find the cheapest lender likely to offer you a loan.

Most of the lenders we work with process the application and send the loan amount to you in less than a day. Depending on the lender, you may be required to provide some documents to prove you are able to pay the loan within the selected time period.

Why choose us?

The following are some of the reasons why you should apply for your car loan with us:

1. Free application

BadCreditsite is a lender brokerage company, not a lender. As such, our job is to connect customers to lenders. We don't charge the customers any fees for using our broker services.

Customers can make as many loan applications as they want on our website without worrying about any charges. receives a commission from the lenders if a customer gets into a consumer credit agreement following an introduction through this website.

2. Poor credit history does not matter was created specifically to help people with bad credit gain access to loans. We work with a diverse panel of lenders who are willing to take the plunge and offer loans to people regardless of their poor credit history.

You are only required to provide some personal details such as address and current job details. These details are used to find the perfect lender match for you.

Some of the lenders may conduct a soft pull of your credit information but it usually has no impact on the decision to offer you a loan.

3. Quick process

One of the things people dislike about traditional lenders is the long time it takes to process a loan.

With, the process of application to receiving the funds can even take less than an hour, sometimes as little as 15 minutes.

After you have submitted your details, we only take minutes to review them and connect you to a lender.

Most lenders will review the application and send you the money in minutes. However, the time it takes depends on the lender requirements. Some may require you to provide more details or documentation before accepting your application.

4. No footprint on your credit rating

The last thing you need is more damage to your already bad credit history. Our lending partners’ initial eligibility check only involves a soft pull of the customer’s credit information which has no impact on theircredit file. However, some lenders may conduct a hard search before finalising your offer which stays on your report for 12 months.

Badcreditsite will never call you and will never charge you any fees. Never pay upfront fees for a loan or send money in return for a loan.
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