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Representative 49.9% APR (variable). Representative Example: If you borrow £1,000 over 12 months at a Representative rate of 49.9% APR (variable) and an annual interest rate of 49.9% (variable), you would pay 12 monthly instalments of £103.06. The total charge for credit will be £236.72 and the total amount payable will be £1,236.72.

Find a better deal on your £2,000 loan

Are you looking for a £2,000 loan? Then you may have come to the right place. Here at BadCreditSite, we help our customers discover a range of loans to suit their individual needs. Our aim is to help you learn more about which loans are the most suitable for you personally. We understand that sometimes your account balance may not be sufficient to cover all your expenses, and that sometimes we all need a helping hand. We also understand that searching for a loan provider in the UK that has favourable and flexible terms may be daunting. That's why we have partnered with several FCA authorised lenders to try and help you find a good match.

Are £2000 Loans Available to Those Who Have Poor Credit Scores?

If you're worried that your imperfect credit history may stand in the way of being approved, then please don't be. At BadCreditSite we also aim to help those who may have run into financial difficulty in the past. We understand that people can have bad credit scores for several reasons. That's why we take work with a diverse panel of lenders to find customers the right match. We pride ourselves on helping our customers find loans tailored to their specific needs. If your loan is approved, then your lender will set up repayments that are affordable and manageable, depending on your financial status. As a broker, we cannot guarantee you will be accepted for a loan, but we work with a panel of lenders who do consider customers even if they have a less than perfect credit score.

How Can You Benefit From a £2,000 loan?

There are plenty of reasons why people may consider a £2,000 loan; after all, we all have different priorities and financial commitments. Life has a habit of throwing a curveball our way at the wrong time, and we don't always have the funds available to resolve it in that present moment. Sometimes we need a safety net, and that's what the right loan could provide.

You might take out a loan to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies such as a car repair, home repair, or even help to deal with a sudden illness. You may require a £2000 loan to cover planned home improvements like upgrading your boiler or renovating your kitchen. Everyone is different, and our needs vary from person to person. If you're struggling to keep your business afloat, you may decide to borrow a £2,000 loan to give it a boost. A sudden cash injection may be what it needs to remain solvent.

Another common reason for getting a £2,000 loan quote may be to consolidate existing debt. If approved a loan could be beneficial to those who are struggling with multiple current debts, allowing them to pay them off and start again with just one lender, with sometimes a lower overall interest rate and therefore repayment amount. Late repayment of debts such as credit cards and other personal loans can hurt your credit score if not paid back on time. Paying multiple debts at once can be overwhelming and can soon snowball into more debt. A £2,000 consolidation loan may help you organise your debt, take control of it and keep your credit record unblemished.

Whatever your reason for looking for a £2,000 loan, we will assist your loan search to try and meet your needs. Your application will be assessed by multiple lenders, as we endeavour to find you a suitable product, but there are some situations when we're unable to find a match. A lender may be happy to provide you with a loan, but it may not be the amount you initially requested. Whatever the case, we’ll do our best to match you with a provider who can offer what you need.

How Do I Apply for a £2000 loan?

We have made the application process as simple as possible. Fill in the online application form with all the required information, and you'll receive quotes within a few seconds. If you're happy with a quote, you can finalise your application directly with your chosen lender. Final approval is down to the lender. The good news is that using our service won't affect your credit score in any way, and you’re under no obligation to proceed with any offers. Please note that if you do decide to proceed with a lender, they will carry out a hard credit check before approving a loan.

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